My Top Four Key Assumptions of Connectivism

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Skip’s Top 4 Assumptions

 The first two assumptions below grew out of my reading of  “Radical Constructivism Editorial: Can Radical Constructivism Become a Mainstream Endeavor?” (Alexander Riegler, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium;         Andreas Quale Dept. of Teacher Education at the University of Oslo).  

 Assumptions 3 and 4 grow out of “Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age” Siemens (2004).

1.  Knowledge is not passively received, but is learned through a process of active construction and construction principally occurs as an outgrowth of social communication, digital or face to face.

 2.  Connectivism is an adaptive learning process organized by experience, culture, group and network.

 3.  Learning and knowledge rests in diversity of opinions and the data individuals are looking at (which may be different).

 4.  Learning is a process of connecting specialized human or information resources.

So what say you? What are your key assumptions?