The “G” in “change”

DON’T FALL OFF THIS CLIFF! Remember that the letter “G” in “change” stands for “Goals.” Goals need to be established, published and measured. The implementation progress needs to be published.

A story re-run:

“I was once the Change and Communications Consultant to a 12-month global Shell Human Resources project. We were humming along. All seemed well. We had a communications plan that was blessed by the Senior Leadership team. The project goals and communications were reviewed and approved by the Senior Leadership team. Then, suddenly, were all told, “Stop!” The same team that had blessed the change goals and plans was not in agreement. We had to re-write the plan, redo the communications and change course… in public.”

In the story above, the Leadership Team fell down. Senior Leadership reconsidered the goals. They reconsidered what success looks like, and they fell off a cliff in failing to meet the first four steps of what I call The John Kotter Rules. The Leadership Team’s confusion and sudden zigzag took the entire organization on an unneeded detour on the Change Journey.  The John Kotter Rules Template is used as a change tool to assess your team’s commitment to change. The first four steps in the Change Journey are below. To learn more about the John Kotter Rules Template, you will just have to hire me!

The first four steps are:

1.  Establish a Sense of Urgency

2.  Form a Powerful Guiding Coalition

3.  Create a Vision

4.  Communicate that Vision

My Challenge to you!

Consider each of the 4 critcal steps above.  First reflect on a prevous change. How did you meet each of the steps? Give specific examples.  Now consder a change in progress or a change you know is coming.  Give specific examples of each of the four steps. Are you patting yourself on yor back, yet?!