The “N” in “change”

Remember that the letter “N” in “change” indicates that “No One” can travel on the road to change without a bit of fear of the unknown. We become comfortable with broken widgets.

 Organizations can become confused. They are confused because leaders and their direct and indirect reports are confused. Fear of the unknown can lead to confusion and confusion represents itself as a zigzag process, back and forth, but moving slowly forward toward a tipping point and transformation. At times the zigzag regresses back to denial and/or anger. Disordered, jumbled or unclear thoughts are normal human events, unsettling as they may be.

 “I was once the Change and Communications Consultant to a 12-month global Shell Human Resources project. We were humming along. All seemed well. We had a communications plan that was blessed by the Senior Leadership team. The project goals and communications were reviewed and approved by the Senior Leadership team. Then, suddenly, were all told, “Stop!” The same team that had blessed the change goals and plans was not in agreement. We had to re-write the plan, redo the communications and change course… in public.”

My challenge to you!

Think of a change that you have experienced.  Did you personally zig and zag emotionally?  How did that make you feel? Did leaders zig zag during a business change? How did that make you feel?